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1. The law firm ZL Attorneys at Law is a limited liability company according to the laws of Curacao.

2.The General Conditions are applicable to all assignments entrusted to ZL Attorneys at Law, its partners (or the directors of the partners) or its staff members. All assignments are deemed to have been entrusted to and accepted by ZL Attorneys at Law.

3. ZL Attorneys at Law requires an advance payment before accepting an assignment and also, insofar as necessary, at regular intervals during the execution thereof.

4. Clients are required to pay attorney fees and disbursements, if any, for ZL Attorneys at Law to execute the assignment. Calculations of attorney fees are in principle based on hourly rates. Upon the client’s request, different financial arrangements can be made. Clients shall be notified of the amount due in fees, administrative costs and disbursements through a note of charges. ZL Attorneys at Law endeavors to send monthly notes of charges to its clients.

5. Clients must effect payment of the note of charges, without any deduction, discount or setoff, within 15 calendar days from the date of dispatch. Failure to comply therewith shall be regarded as default on the part of the client, in which case a 1,5% interest per month plus 15% collecting charges must be made payable to ZL Attorneys at Law. In the event that ZL Attorneys at Law (either directly or by means of any escrow accounts) keeps funds on remand in custody for a client, ZL Attorneys at Law shall be entitled to deduct such funds from its note of charges.

6. Entrusted assignments shall be executed exclusively in favor of the client. Third parties cannot derive any rights from work carried out on behalf of the client.

7. ZL Attorneys at Law, in consultation with the client, may request the services of third-party experts from outside its organization. ZL Attorneys at Law disclaims all liabilities whatsoever for faults committed by these third parties.

8. ZL Attorneys at Law’s liability is limited to the amount stipulated for that particular occurrence, increased by the respective amount in excess, under the terms of its professional liability insurance.

9. The legal relationship between ZL Attorneys at Law and its clients is governed by the law of Curacao, or, as the occasion arises, by the law of Aruba. All disputes arising from this legal relationship shall be decided by the Court of First Instance of Curacao, or, where appropriate that of Aruba, notwithstanding the possibility for appeal.