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Gambling License Curacao

Gambling License Curacao Gambling License Curacao

Why choose Curaçao for a Gambling license?

Curaçao is one of the most popular jurisdictions for obtaining an online gambling license. There are a number of reasons why people choose to obtain a gambling license in Curaçao:

  1. Curaçao has established a robust regulatory framework for online gaming. Since 1996, the Curaçao e-Gaming Authority has been regulating online gaming, crafting an extensive array of regulations and guidelines for online gaming operators. Ongoing advancements will simplify and enhance the process of obtaining a license.
  2. Cost-effective: Obtaining a gambling license in Curaçao proves relatively inexpensive compared to other jurisdictions. The application fee and annual licensing fee remain affordable, thereby rendering it an enticing choice for start-ups and smaller gaming operators.
  3. License is valid for all activities: Most licenses in other jurisdictions are valid for one specific activity only (for instance: only black-jack games). For each activity, a separate license is needed, which will increase the costs considerably. Curaçao gaming licenses are different: they are valid for all types of activities.
  4. The gaming license is valid for the whole world as approved by the Curaçao government, except in countries where local laws prohibit online gaming in that country.
  5. Tax Benefits: Curaçao has a favorable tax regime for online gaming companies. The tax rate is relatively low compared to other jurisdictions, and there are no taxes on betting or gaming revenue. Most gaming companies in Curaçao pay profit taxes at around 2%.
  6. Flexibility: Curaçao’s regulatory framework is flexible, allowing operators to offer a wide range of gaming products and services. This flexibility makes it an ideal jurisdiction for operators looking to launch new and innovative gaming products.
  7. Reputation: With a positive reputation as a gaming jurisdiction, Curaçao garners recognition from numerous countries across the globe for its licenses. Acquiring a license from Curaçao can significantly assist gaming operators in establishing credibility and ultimately enhancing their prospects for success.

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